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Wise Option of Multilayer sticker wise choice


Multilayer label means a kind of lables with two or three layers facestock laminated on the same liner, . mainly used in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industries. The key application is for cosmetics or personal care industry, which both sides have a double-sided graphic layer tags, which are applied in a transparent bottle body, highlight the product to make it pretty vivid on the shelf.  In pharmaceutical and food industries or other FMCG industry, multilayer labels are mainly used in specification label printing for more easier reading in small area .

Special equipment, special technology, more complex process are needed in multilayer labels, that enrich it with security function.

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. founded in 2002, is a leading original manufacturer of self-adhesive labels for a variety of consumer and industrial products to provide innovative solutions. With years of extensive expereince for research & development and mass production of multilayer self-adhesive labels, Horizon team can provide perfect two layers, three layers label that cover premium cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Horizon Printing has been serving market leaders such as such as VISA, AVON, Marks & Spencer, D & G, Hydrogarden, Vevalis for multilayer self-adhesive labels and stickers, it has achieved great reputation for stable quality and total customer satisfaction top service. Horizon printing is simple your best choice for multilayer labels and stickers.