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Three layers self-adhesive label, the creative process in Horizon


As the time being, FMCG homogenization is becoming more and more serious,  high-level marketers are trying to seek for more personalized package design and label   to highlight its brand image. Three layers self adhesive labels, that already have been widely adopted in overseas market, are also increasingly recognized and applied in China. .

Generally, three layers self-adhesive label label refers to the product with three layers of facestock laminated on the same liner. It is mainly applied in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food business. Eg, in cosmetics industry, especially for small containers such as lipstick tubes, eye shadow tubes, are inclined to apply three layers labels with printing on five sides., it is pretty easy to gain more product information in a small space.

Over the years, as the leading brand of creative labels, Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co.,  has been trying to provide new and premium label solutions for a variety of consumer and industrial products. With its dedicated research and development and production team, Horizon can supply three layers self adhesive labels with special materials selection and unique stability of isolation silicone layer. Only very few manufacturer such as Horizon in Guangdong market can guarantee two years stability for three layers labels

Horizon's three layers labe has a great coverage for premium cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food companies, especially enjoy quickly increasing market share in Europe and Australia, building up a stable customer network. Horizon’s two layers label is becoming a  well-known brand with good supply for market leader such as VISA, AVON, Marks & Spencer, D & G, Hydrogarden, Vevalis , Its quality stability and excellent are widely endorsed by by trade. Horizon three layers can certainly highlight your products while facing furious competition in the market.