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AVON & Horizon achieved superb label solution






Avon was founded in 1886 by "Avon father” David • Michael Denis in  California. Over  one hundred years of continuous practice, Avon is turning out to  be a global leader in her business area.  With facility located in Guangzhou Economic Development Zone,  Avon China Manufacturing Co., is the top-level producer with great  reputation of superb management and serious control.

Horizon labels, one of the key original  label manufactuer in Guangzhou  over the years, is focusing on providing competitive self-adhesive label  solution for local and overseas markets. As the time  being, Horizon labels is enjoying upcoming market presence in more than 40  countries. With its extensive technical know how and  great reputation of service,  Horizon is qualified by domestic  and international leading brands such as Duracell cosmetic, Guerlain,  Lee Kum Kee, IFF, VISA, Marks & Spencer, D & G,

From 2011, Guangzhou  begun the possible cooperation with AVON. Horizon's sincerity and good software and hardware  was highly evaluated by AVON  local team. In May 2013, Horizon has submitted the first batch of double-layers  labels samples to AVON. After two months of rigorous  testing, printing quality and stability  of Horizon samples passed and qualified.

The upcoming cooperation is becoming a milestone in Horizon history.  As committed to chase upmost perfect  as the company vision, Horizon is working with millions of other ambitious Chinese private enterprises tireless efforts to make China a taste manufacturing,  technology, there is a symbol of  innovation, rather than simply synonymous  with cheap labor.