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Horizon labels for Marks & Spencer


Founded in 1884, the UK leading brand M & S (Marks & Spencer) has provided premium, fashion,food and wine with countless of awards, Over the longs years, its insistence on quality, value, service, innovation and trust as key vision and philosophy, make unique and great of customer experience of England style.

Horizon Printing and M&S's cooperation began in 2006, after a long period of communication and complicated technical process improvements, during a variety of labels sampling and production, Horizon team has gone through different bottlenecks caused by complexity of various materials, tough control of process, The whole team has been working together to provide a high level professionalism, keep timely communication and reliable quality stability, and get the high evaluation from M&S

Horizon Printing is a leading manufacturer for a variety of consumer and industrial products for innovative for self-adhesive labels. Horizon self adhesive products are enjoying quickly upgoing market share across more than 40 countries. With its premium printing as well great reputation, Horizon labels are supplying market leaders including BaoWang cosmetic, JiaoLanJiaRen, Lee Kum Kee, IFF, VISA, AVON, Marks & Spencer, D & G, Hydrogarden, Vevalis. Together with countless other local manufacturer, Horizon vision is to make Made-in-China to be a logo of good taste, high skill, creation instead of cheap, low level product..