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Witness brotherhood from South Asia Subcontinent


Sri Lanka , with the name of Lion Country, located in South Asian subcontinent with teardrop shape . Normally Chinese know very little about Sri Lanka, but once mentioned the world famous Ceylon tea ,  oh, Fanran Daigo : wow ,  this Andean country is just be with us!

Horizon self adhesive labels, as the key professional self adhesive label manufacturer for overseas market in Guangzhou, is enjoying great reputation and upgoing market share in American and European market. Begun from 20134, Horizon team is aggressively go into  Central and South Asia market. In October, MR TISSA from the lion country,  brought us  great opportunity to Sri Lanka market.


MR TISSA,  as the president of No. 1 soft packaging manufacturer in Sri Lanka , his  sales teams often face the growing demands for self-adhesive labels. Due to the constraints of manufacturing technology and and supply chain restrictions , for example, the labels need more complex process like two layers label and three layers labels, it is pretty hard to meet the needs locally. With extensive experience for high level label and great manufacture capacity, Horizon team built up a solid foundation for cooperation.

Until To October 19tj, MR TISSA have spent 4 days in Guangzhou Horizon facility.  With the great help of production leader MR. Huang JinHua, MR TRAUMA experienced the whole process form design, plate making, diecuttomg, rotary printing , screen printing, hot stamping, a great mutual - understanding and trust with deep brotherhood was established during the joint works.  .

The two parties has reached a preliminary agreement: MR TISSA’s  market team will fully promote Horizon label brand in Sri Lanka, Horizon provides manufacturing and cost-effective supportings. Horizon is confident to be the leading label brand in Sri Lanka in the near future.