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CTP, most advance label printing plate technology


Guangzhou Horizon Label is a professional self-adhesive label design and manufacture for personal-care, electronics, pharmaceutical and food business. In Dec. 2014, Horizon installed most advanced Germany plate laser- engraving developer,it is mostly as known as CTP.  Comparing to traditional way, CTP will have more little dirty spots, no shortage of plate net dots, that can ensure cleanness and tidy of plate layout; computer-aided imposition can get more accurate registration, avoid any manual error ; Laser Engraving,digital information processing imaging ensure network reduction more accurate,more even in different area,  with more clear screen angle, basically there will no risks of turtle nets with CTP plate, as well, CTP plate can reach nets of more than 5%, while the traditional plate just can be lower than 1%. copy of a film generally only out to more than 5% of the outlets, some more realistic printing jobs can be done with much attractive higher quality, and plate can be quickly developed rightly after artworks was confirmed.

Generally, with its undisputed strengths, CTP will acquire more and more pro-printing market share in the coming future. Horizon is always trying to kee the same page with more advance label printing technology with premium service to our clients.

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