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Logistics labels



  Market Status

  Structural features

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Market Status

E-commerce including B2C and C2c, is increasingly penetrate into everyone's daily life, more and more people tend to buy the necessities of life through online shopping. Especially for young people living in the city, if without shopping experience in Taobao / Jingdong Mall / Suning Tesco, will be treated as monster or weird. Online shopping often-criticized lack of one, that is not in place or not synchronized with related materials. Sent parcel identification confusion and loss, online shopping often leads to misunderstandings and disputes between sellers and buyers, also caused a great deal of difficulty in logistics management, now it turn out to be one of the key bottlenecks restricting the development of online shopping. [1]

With the widespreading of online shopping Logistics sticker, or online shopping label, current situation can be greatly improved. In the foreseeable future, online shopping will continue its high-speed development with continuous improvement, take over more marketing share from traditional commercial business, and online shopping labels will increasingly show its strong market potential to meet this market trend. 


Structural features

The Online Shopping Label is originated from the traditional self-adhesive labels, but it have great increasement in both materials and technology. The typical structure is: : after traditional label printing, using a special coating technology, the laminate coated paper (eg, thermal paper), to get the double-layer labels. Top layer will used for recording consignee and other concerned information of goods by the recipient, delivery person can be easily peel off the top layer as for shipping stub. The bottom layer will stick firmly on the parcel. All label printing manufacturer, with multi-color printing equipment, will have the ability to produce such labels.



Compared to the traditional direct thermal logistics label, online shopping labels have the uncopyable advantage, summarized as below:

1) safety, due to the application of self-adhesive bottom layer, it will keep reliably and stable on the parcel, excluding peeloff or lost;

2) clear information: comparing to traditional handwriting, electronic printed information will be more clear, standard and helpful for achieving higher efficiency;

3) easier management: the peeloffed top layer is easy for archiving and statistics, and easy for logistics management;

4) user friendly handling: it will make the delivery easier, enhance the overall efficiency of the logistics;

5) better customer experience: all these advantages will transfer into better customer experience. Based on the market information,  online shopping logistics companies that already apllied logistics label, definitely better customer satifications.