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Sticker factory


Looking for reliable sticker suppliers? Guangzhou Horizon Printing is a well-known sticker factory from China. We focus on adhesive label and sticker printing since 2002.

You may look for local sticker suppliers in order to get faster printing service and maybe lower prices. Actually, in many cases, importing from China sticker factory will be better choice for you.

1. A sticker factory in China can offer better prices.

First, China is well-known as a country to manufacture cheap products - including stickers. Second, the local sticker suppliers are usually not direct factories, they may be just a wholesaler, retailer or a trading company. Buying stickers from China sticker factories such as Guangzhou Horizon Printing can save a lot for you.

2. A sticker factory in China can also offer fast printing services.

About the production of stickers, we have production capacity to produce millions of sticker in one week. Most orders can be finished with 3-5 working days.

About the shipping, nowadays, international freight is quite developed. By DHL, FedEx, UPS or TNT, goods can be shipped from China to anywhere in the world in 3-5 days.

Don't know how to handle the shipping? Worry if the shipping costs too high? 

- No problem! Horizon Printing ship goods overseas every week and have good cooperation with shipping companies, you don't need to worry about the shipping thing. We will take care of every thing and also get big discount from shipping companies for you.

How do I know Horizon Printing is a reliable sticker factory?

- Horizon Printing was established in 2002, you can check our registration number: 440112000036169

- Horizon Printing is a ISO 9001-2008 certificated company. You can also view our other certificates such as UL, RoHS, FDA. 

- Horizon Printing has made labels and stickers for many top companies in China and even in the world, such as:

Leading food company: Lee Kum Kee

Leading electronics company: Schneider Electric

Leading label company: Avery Dennison

Leading retail group: Marks & Spencer   

Leading financial services corporation: VISA

and more!

Now Horizon Printing has a 2 storeyed 5,000 ㎡ sticker factory. You are always welcom to visit our company and workshop when you come to China.

No need to look for more sticker suppliers! Horizon Printing can be your relible partner.

Below is our company video. Visit our sticker factory online now :)