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printing services we offer


Guangzhou Horizon Printing is a professional printing company in Guangzhou, China. So what kinds of printing services do we offer? We focus on providing printing service for the follow products:adhesive labels and stickers.

When we talk about labels, we may refer to a lot of items. There are mainly 3 kinds of labels:

1. shrink film labels.

2. adhesive labels.

3. hang tags.

Horizon Printing produce and only produce the second kind - self adhesive labels, that is, labels(stickers) with an adhesive layer on the back, including the following:custom stickers, vinyl stickers, paper stickers, car stickers, sports stickers, decor stickers, food stickers, wine labels, shipping labels, packaging labels, barcodes, QR codes and other adhesive stickers. Our sticker factory was established in 2002 and has produced labels and stickers for many leading companies all over the world.